Sunday, September 22, 2013

Siege of Carthage 320 BC (Wargods Of Olympus) Macedonian-Carthage Wars

Update: Still painting some more Greeks (aka early Carthaginians and a lot of archers) I did not account for mail time and delivery, etc....should be done in about 5 weeks or so. But I keep buying more minis too.....


In 320 BC King Philip II of Macedonia and his son Alexander invade Carthage in an effort to control all major shipping ports and trade routes in the Mediterranean Sea, including Cyprus, Rhodes, Tyre, Crete, Syracuse and Sardinia. His over all objective was to launch an invasion into Rome and Sparta. 

The City of Carthage lay in siege against Macedonia. Another saga in the Wargods of Olympus saga.

All structures are made by Philip Viverito of LMW Works.
The City has approximately 75 buildings and is 14' x 6' in measurements, it took me a few hours to set up.

This is a 28mm scale City of Carthage.

All of the buildings are made by Philip Viverito of LMW Works. He is the author of the Hack Wargame rules, and I have almost all of the sets. The only thing I made was the warships and siege towers that are plastic model kits and close to 25mm scale ( I have 9 warships, but have lost 3 somewhere under the table). The Trees are custom made and the Palm trees are from Cake decorations. I hand made the coast line using MDF board. The figures used are from Vendel (aka Sgt Major Miniatures), Wargames Foundry and Black Tree Design. I used Greek Hoplites as early Carthaginians in this game, which will work. I have a enough Greeks. I used some Egyptian archers as Phoenicians. Also in the game I have a few Assyrian archers in Macedonian service, being that in this scenario Macedonia has conquered all of Asia Minor or the Assyrian Empire. Eventually I will be buying some Aventine Carthaginians. But remember I play Fantasy or aka Alternate History, because it is a lot of fun, and you do not know the outcome. The scenarios are endless.

I decided to redesign the layout of the city and the battlefield. I also redeployed the Macedonian army. I am currently putting the game on hold while I paint up some more Greeks for the battle. About a 6 week delay.

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