Sunday, April 13, 2014

Paint Bench: 28mm Barbarian Hero by Avatars of War Finished

Paint Time : 13 days

I decided to try out Avatars of War miniatures and I got a Barbarian Hero. The detail on the figure is great. I got him because I plan on one day gaming in Hyboria. And of course I named him Conan. So far I have him built and primed. 

Part 1

I primed him red oxidize and then washed him in black before I paint his skin on to give him a dark sun tan shade. 

I am mixing him in with the 450 orcs I am painting. 

Part 2

Part 3

Still working on the barbarian slowly white painting many orcs. 


Not the greatest paint job, but was fun. I now have my Conan in 28mm for adventures. Not completely satisfied with the paint job, but will maybe go back and work on it more. I was painting this as I was painting some orcs, a mini side project. It looks better in person.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Paint Bench: 28mm Isengard Half-Orcs from Scotia Grendel (aka old Harlequin LOTR Orc) Finished!!!

Paint time: 51 days!!

Got my next batch of Scotia Grendel Half-orcs in. It is probably going to take me a day or two to cleans these up and make them fit the 20mm bases that I wanted. Also, I am going to glue their shields on differently than some of the poses are. A little bit of work but worth it. I need to get a bigger pair of wire cutters, my hands are a mess now. Keep in mind I arm the with the shields or Mordor...for my own reasons.

Part 1

The first orc on the left will have his shield in front of him, which will make it a whole lot easier for formations. I will leave a few of them in that pose for variety.

Part 2

All Skinned awaiting some fur!

Part 3

I have 4 colors on them now, they are getting closer to being done. But I still have a lot of work to do on them. 

Part 4

I am moving right along. I have almost finished painting the Isengard Half-Orcs. I washed one set already out of order, mainly because I spilled a whole bottle of wash on the table and immediately started washing figures. I will moving on to the Great Orcs next and finishing them up before I start washing all the figures. 

This batch is washed and completed.

Before and After Wash.

The wash I am using is the Citadel Nuln Oil shade.

Update 5

I finished washing all the figures finally and I have started on the shields...all 300 plus of them. I think it took about 3 days to wash everything, I think they are turning out satisfactory. After I finish the shields in a week or two, I will start flocking the bases, and then gluing on the shields, and I am done with these guys and they will have marching orders to Gondolin.

I had to paint 330 of these shields...took me a whole day.

Finished!!! Finally, and glad at that.

I am very happy with the results. I flocked each base differently or tried to.

Orc Reinforcements arriving at the Siege of Gondolin finally!!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paint Bench: 28mm Great Orcs from Scotia Grendel (aka old Harlequin LOTR Orcs) Finished!!!!

Paint time: 56 days!!

For some reason I can not stop buying minis and painting them. I decided I did not have enough Orcs so I added 150 to my army, which now stands somewhere around 500 plus or minus plus 36 wolf riders. I think they were a bit out numbered by some of the good guys I have...because I did the same thing with them, went a little crazy buying and painting.....what can I say I am a maniac. But it keeps me at home and out of trouble...besides I needed more orcs for my up coming Siege of Gondolin...someone reminded me I did not have enough orcs to elf ratio so I panicked.

These are the old Harlequin Lord of the Rings Miniatures, aka Black Tree Design Lord of the Realm, aka now Scotia Grendel Generic Fantasy minis....they bought the molds off of Black Tree Design about the same time I bought the remaining stock off Black Tree Design. So I had to wait a bit for the orcs to come out. 

I don't know what I am going to do when the old Rohan riders come out.....spend.

And by the way here is an idea I am starting to throw out there about Middle Earth in the 5th age...where Romans and Greeks, and Macedonians can fight Morgoth, ie Orcs...just a thought. I have been having this uncontrolled desire to have orcs fight ancient Greeks and Macedonians, etc.. 

Part 1

I got the first wave of my orders in from Scotia Grendel today. 150 Great Orcs, the old Harlequin Great Orcs.  I have the cleaned and based, and priming them tonight. I want them done and ready to paint before the next 2 batches of minis come in. I also got some Half-Orcs from Scotia Grendel as well, they are also the old Harlequin LOTR ones as well.

I will make an update soon. The painting begins!!!!

Part 2

Small update, putting some skin on. I plan on painting all 450 plus at once. 

Part 3

All Skinned and putting their fur on.

Part 4

Slowly making progress...I am painting everything at once...350 orcs. It was 450 but the BTD Greater Orcs with crossbows were huge and way out of scale...they had to be about 34-35mm tall. Great looking figures, but too large for my armies. 

Part 5

I am almost finished painting this batch and nearing the washing phase. I am finishing up the Half-Orcs first and then should finished these by next week. 

Before and and After wash using Citadel shade Nuln Oil.

Part 6

Finished washing all of them and now painting the 300 or so Mordor shields. Then I will flock them all and put them out on the Gondolin table and start the game soon. But I still have about 60 Orc crossbow in the mail to do. Along with some skeleton warriors I am painting on the side. 

Here is the size of the army I have been painting. I have been painting all of the orcs at once, including the Isegard half orcs along with a few samples of some orc crossbow. 

And I am finally finished with this batch! I went on a marathon painting crusade over the Memorial Weekend! I painted for 3 days with about 4 hours of sleep in between, minus eating. I finished up tonight with the last gluing of the shields.

I had to change storage/movement trays because the shields prevented me from placing them on Games Workshop trays, so I used my homemade trays...I only have about 400 of them I made laying around.

Orc Reinforcements arriving at Gondolin

And I decided to repaint my Sauron mini. I re-dry brushed it and re-did the base, it is not finished in this pic.