Monday, August 20, 2018

Gladiator games in Pompeii (90 BC)

A Gladiator game in Pompeii on the eve of a Italian-Samsonite revolt during the Italian Social Wars in 90 BC. (11 years before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. This gladiator game is the part of a two part game. The second game is the Italian rebellion that lead to the sack of Pompeii in 90 BC by the Italian allies in and around Pompeii, revolting for not being allowed Roman citizenship during the Italian Social Wars. 

Battle of the Trebia (218 BC) 2nd Punic Wars

The Battle of Trebia was the 1st major battle of the second Punic war, fought between Carthage and Rome near the river Trebia in winter. The Carthaginian forces provoked the Roman legions into an assault and into a trap Hannibal of Carthage had set for the Roman Legions




End of First phase of the game. Its like 99 degrees in my game 

End of 2nd phase, Initial cavalry engagements over