Saturday, January 29, 2022

Paint Bench: 28mm Greek Triremes

 I bought some 3d prints of a 28mm Roman warships. I finally started working on them. I converted them to Greek Triremes  but I still can use them as Roman or any  army I choose. I didn’t like the sails on the prints so I made my own Masts and sails. I used canvas paper and glue to make the sails. I am still currently working on the sails at the moment and will update. But the sails are turning out very nicely. I am going to make 14 sets of sails with different devices on the sails including Gondor. Bretonnia, Sparta, Rome, Dol Amroth, High Elf,Athens,Corinth, and any Greek city state as well as Macedonia. I just have to rig the sails and I’m done. I’ll update later with the sails. I used styrene rods and leather thread to make the sails  I used coffee stir sticks to convert the ships. All of the masts are removable and the oars come off as well  I didn’t want to glue them on for storage purposes as well as changing out sails.

After the ships are done. I have a long list of 3d print terrain to paint for my upgrade to my Minas Tirith and Osgilith. I have over 40 new Bldgs to build and paint. I have a couple of new mats from Deepcut Designs coming as well. There is also a Roman colosseum coming too. And now some new outer walls and gate for my Minas Tirith. And also the Black Gates or the Morannon. And lastly I have a Gondolin project in the works. I will be busy. I am already thinking about making Barad Dur as well. Eventually I will game again. I can use my Tirith as Minas Ithil since it’s a sister city. I just change it slightly. 

The ships are done and I’m now moving into OSGILITH ruins and then Minas Tirith terrain. I’m also making the Black gates and Barad Dur.