Friday, October 29, 2021

Paint Bench: 28mm Athenians

 I bought some of the new Crocodile Games Athenians. They painted up rather nicely. I have 7 units of 24. I had been waiting on them and the Trojan release for a long time  Along with the Corinthians 

Monday, October 4, 2021

Paint Bench: 28mm Macedonian Army

 I decided to add more advancing phalangites to my rather large Macedonian army. I bought some of the old Vendal Miniatures now owned by Thistle & Rose Miniatures here in the US. I added another 8 units of 24 advancing. I have a mix of Vendal and Aventine Macedonians they match rather well but I don’t mix units. I now have 32 units of 24 Phalangites each. I have about 10 units of 8 in cavalry from the old Vendal line.