Thursday, May 21, 2020

Crocodile Games -Wargods of Olympus samples

I got a few samples from Crocodile Games of the Wargods of Olympus miniature line included in one of my large orders   I got about 6 sample minis from each city state but have finished 3. I already have a lot their of Spartan, Mycenaean and Trojan figures. I just ordered about another 225 Trojans and about 144 Corinthians. Below are painted test figures (my way of figuring out the best approach of painting a certain figure) of a Corinthian and the upcoming Athenian line not released currently. (My next investment). They also gave me a limited addition Helen Of Troy minis thst I am currently still working on. I have about 500 minis to paint. Along with a block of Styrofoam or EPS coming in the mail that  is 5’ x 5’ x 10” to make the City of Gondolin in 28mm using a Hotwire foam cutter. (That project is last on my production list). I’ll be busy for a year painting.




Sunday, May 10, 2020

28mm Gondor Infantry

I painted some more Gondor infantry. I now have 16 units of 25 or 400 Gondor Spear Infantry. I have some more Gondor archers on the way from the U.K from Scotia Grendel. Eventually I will have 100  Gondor archers added. I just finished some more Gondor Cavalry for a total of 17 units or 136 or rather 140 with a few extra.