Sunday, December 28, 2014

Paint Bench: Zombie Building #3 (Gun Shop)

Here is another zombie town building. A gun shop of course. You have to have one in the town. Stop buy the comic book shop for some reading material, load up on ammo at the gun shop and head to the Post Office to hold up in....for now anyway. 

Again, I used an old Plasticville 5 and 10 store. I bricked it slightly differently and painted it slightly differently. The buildings are alike so it almost looks like a duplicate. I am planning one day to maybe add in some boards on the windows, but I just could not do it right now. I will use some coffee stir sticks for boards. Probably use them mostly on the houses, where people would most likely hold up in. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Paint Bench: Zombie Buildings #1 (Comic book shop and Car Detail Shop)

I finally decided to take the Zombie plunge. And did I. I am getting a bunch of zombies for Christmas, the Wargames Factory zombies. I decided to collect a lot of O scale Rail Road buildings to make a zombie city out of. I started out buying the cheap ugly Plasticville buildings, and did not have a clue how crappy they were. So I have about 20 buildings to paint and redo. After that I decided to go with mostly pre-painted Rail King buildings, which are really nice. I just have to weather all the buildings. I found some nice weathering powder and I am learning now how to weather buildings and brick.

This is my first building, I am a totally rookie. I had it nice looking and thin I sprayed the dull coat on the windows, because this makes them look dusty, which is what I want, but I did not realize it would block most of the view inside, oh well. Live and learn. I still think the building looks ok for my first one, it took me a day to build. 

I actually went back and used rubbing alcohol to remove some of the dull coat, looks much better now.

I also went back and cleaned up the windows on the Car Detail shop.

Here is a figure comparison with Rail King O-Scale Buildings. First a AT-43 and then a Battle Field Evolution Marine. These are the only Modern troops I have, beside Halo 40mm which work well also.  So my Planet of the Apes will work well too..if I ever go that route. 


Monday, December 1, 2014

Battle of the Hornburg March 3rd - 4th TA 3019 (War of the Ring)

The Battle of the Hornburg, also known as Battle of Helm's Deep, was the first grand-scale battle of the War of the Ring where the Rohirrim under King Theoden defended the Hornburg from Saruman's Army of Uruk-hai

Here is my Battle of Helms Deep that I am fixing to play. I am using my own house rules for solo playing. I have been waiting a long time to put this game together. I have only had Helms Deep on the shelf for a few years. Next is Osgilith.

All Miniatures are 28mm Scotia Grendel. Formerly Black Tree Design, aka Harlequin Miniatures. Helms Deep made by The Castle Works Company.