Saturday, September 28, 2013

28mm Romans, Macedonians and Greek miniature comparisons

I decided to do my own figure comparison pictures of various figures I have. I just got a few Aventine Miniatures in the mail, so I decided to compare them to the Black Tree Design, Vendel (aka Sgt Major Miniatures), Old Glory, Wargames Foundry, Essex and A & A miniatures that I have. I did not use a scale to measure exact height because I usually just do visual comparison. The only time I use a measurement, is when I do not have a comparison picture to look at and I am buying blind. 

Greeks (From Left to Right) Black Tree Design, Vendel, Essex

Macedonians (From Left to Right) Aventine, Aventine, Vendel, Aventine, Vendel, Old Glory, Aventine

Romans (From Left to Right) Aventine Principes, Black Tree Design EIR Auxiliary, Aventine Principes, Black Tree Design EIR Auxiliary, Black Tree Design Oscan, Aventine Principes

Macedonia and Roman Cavalry (From Left to Right) Wargames Foundry Macedonian Companion Cavalry, Aventine EIR Cavalry, Black Tree Design EIR on a Crusader Miniatures Horse.

Macedonia and Roman Cavalry (From Left to Right) Vendel Alexander The Great, Aventine EIR Cavalry, Wargames Foundry Macedonia Companion Cavalry

Agema and Macedonia Cavalry (From Left to Right) Aventine Agema Lancer, A & A Alexander The Great, Vendel Alexander The Great

Agema and Macedonian Cavalry (From Left to Right) Old Glory Companion Cavalry, Aventine Agema Lancer, A & A Alexander the Great
I had to make a correction on my previous pics. Here is now a correct Black Tree Design Cavalry on a BTD horse, A Aventine EIR Roman Cavalry and a Black Tree Design Cavalryman on a Crusader Miniature horse.

Roman and Macedonian Cavalry (From Left to Right) Black Tree Design EIR Cavalry on a Crusader Miniatures Horse, Old Glory Macedonian Companion Cavalry, Vendel Alexander the Great


After making some comparison shots, Black Tree Design, Vendel, Essex and Aventine go well together in scale as far as Greeks, Romans and Macedonians and are the bigger 28's. The Vendel and Aventine seem to mix really well together as far as the Macedonians. The Old Glory, Wargames Foundry and A & A miniatures are on the slightly smaller side, especially the A & A ( as far as Cavalry). I didn't have any A & A infantry or Wargames Foundry infantry to do comparison pics. But over all, I think they all go great together in separate units. But my future purchases will be only Vendel (aka Sgt Major Miniatures), Aventine, Black Tree Design and Essex as far as Macedonians, Greeks and Romans. I used on one of the Black Tree Design Cavalryman, a Crusader Miniature horse on the first few pics, until I realized that I grabbed the wrong figure, anyways I corrected it with a new pic of a correct Blact Tree Design horse. I still like Wargames Foundry and Old Glory but tend to shy away from them do to the smaller end of 28mm. A & A is definitely too small for my tastes, but great detail. As far as the best detail out of all of them....I would have to say that Aventine and Wargames Foundry lead the pack as far as fantastic detail, in my opinion. Black Tree Design,Vendel and Essex detail are good enough for me, and I am satisfied with them enough to spend small fortunes on them, they all look great painted up correctly.

My final thoughts on scale compatibility
 If I was going to group them as far as scale compatibility, I would group them in the following;
1. Vendel, Aventine, Black Tree Design and Essex
2. Old Glory, A & A and Wargames Foundry
Wargames Foundry still goes good together with both groups however. But I do not have any infantry, only cavalry to compare.  I also do not have any A & A infantry, but my good judgement can tell that the infantry will be on the smaller end of 28mm.

I have some new Aventine samples that I got in the mail, that I will be posting soon. I am totally amazed with the detail and excited about buying some soon. I am currently painting some Essex Greeks up for the current game on my table.

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