Sunday, September 15, 2013

28mm Greek City States

Here are some pictures of my various Greek armies. I do not have as much as I like, but painting Greeks are a lot more work than most of the figures I painted, mainly the shields. But I use those Little Big Man shield transfers (a little expensive)  and they are not too hard to do.

Black Tree Design archers

Vendel Greeks. I kinda wish I painted the shields white in the center, but wanted a more bronze shield look. White would have made the shield decals pop more, but I am not perfect...just a rookie.

Essex Greeks. All the figures look better in person, the pics are not the greatest.

Essex Greeks

Vendel Greeks

Black Tree Design and Vendel Greeks.

Black Tree Design and Essex Greeks.

These Greeks are a mix of Essex and Black Tree Design. They mix well together in separate units.

These are Vendel Greeks and Black Tree Design Greeks using Bronze Age Miniature shields with Little Big Man shield transfers.

Black Tree Design Greeks

A mix of Wargames Foundry and Old Glory Greek Cavalry

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