Thursday, May 21, 2020

Crocodile Games -Wargods of Olympus samples

I got a few samples from Crocodile Games of the Wargods of Olympus miniature line included in one of my large orders   I got about 6 sample minis from each city state but have finished 3. I already have a lot their of Spartan, Mycenaean and Trojan figures. I just ordered about another 225 Trojans and about 144 Corinthians. Below are painted test figures (my way of figuring out the best approach of painting a certain figure) of a Corinthian and the upcoming Athenian line not released currently. (My next investment). They also gave me a limited addition Helen Of Troy minis thst I am currently still working on. I have about 500 minis to paint. Along with a block of Styrofoam or EPS coming in the mail that  is 5’ x 5’ x 10” to make the City of Gondolin in 28mm using a Hotwire foam cutter. (That project is last on my production list). I’ll be busy for a year painting.




Sunday, May 10, 2020

28mm Gondor Infantry

I painted some more Gondor infantry. I now have 16 units of 25 or 400 Gondor Spear Infantry. I have some more Gondor archers on the way from the U.K from Scotia Grendel. Eventually I will have 100  Gondor archers added. I just finished some more Gondor Cavalry for a total of 17 units or 136 or rather 140 with a few extra.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

28mm Gondor Cavalry

I recently finished painting and added another 88 Gondor cavalry to my existing cavalry units. I even mixed some Dol Amroth shields in with the units to say they were in Gondor service. I use them in units of 8. So now I have 17 units total. Now a total of 136 cavalry models for Gondor. Way back I had painted extra Rohan cavalry and have about 136 Rohan cavalry models as well. I also way back added to my Dol Amroth cavalry and have about 80 models or 10 units of 8. These are kit bashed Gondor cavalry. I used the old school Harlequin LOTR figures from the 90’s. You can still find them In the Scotia Grendel fantasy figure line online today in their store.  The molds were at one time with Black Tree Designs under Legions of the Rhealm line back in the 90’s up into the lower 2000’s or something. The molds have been sold and settlled at Scotia Grendel and I have bought many there.  In my opinion they are the best LOTR figure line. But most every one uses the Games Workhop LOTR line. Which is good, but they are too small for my taste. I’m into scale creep upper 28’s.  I’m currently working on some more Gondor infantry about 8 trays of 25. I use the old GW trays for units. I have units of 25 minis in each tray. Eventually I will have 24 trays of 25 or 24 units of Gondor infantry. I play epic size games. As far as orcs I have probably close to 500 orcs and 300 goblins, a massive army. I’m looking for some shields to use to swap out with the gondor cavalry and paint more to make  2nd Age men units.

Any way cheers and stay safe in these dark times.