Tuesday, May 24, 2022

3d Print Project Middle Earth Cities

 I started a new project in January. It was just going to be at first two pieces of terrain. It quickly turned into something crazy and overwhelming because 3d print stuff is amazing. I am revamping my Minas Tirith with a new wall. Creating another wall called the Ramma. And then it became remaking Osgilith (16 x 12 table and 6 x 6 table). Then it lead to the Black Gates and omg it ended at Barad Dur. But going backwards I am making Gondolin as well. As well as a few bits of Greek terrain. It started with a $140 project and now I’ve spent probably over $8000 on the Dark Rhelms 3d print terrain. Currently I only have 70 percent in. I’m waiting on the outer Gondolin walls and Minas Tirith walls. Along with the walls for Barad Dur. I am currently base coating every thing in a black charcoal. Next will be turning it all to white Stone.  Except for the Morannon gates and Barad.

Minas Tirith 


The Black Gates (Morannon)

Barad Dur 


9 foot diameter Circle 

Greek or Roman 

Styrofoam for mountains and Gondolin $950.00 worth  

These are next