Monday, December 2, 2013

Paint Bench: 28mm ramp to Bridge

I bought this bridge to go over a canyon I can make on my table, but had to make some modifications to it. I also decided to make a ramp to it as well, so that I can use it with a hilltop that I use for putting castles on. The castle looks great on the hill, but there was no way to get up to it, so I had to make a modular ramp. I used my Hotwire Foam Factory tools and cut a ramp out of foam. 

I have it made, but I am waiting on some paint in the mail.........

It will look better when its painted to match the bridge, no pink bridge for me.

Here it is finished up. It is not exactly perfect, but it works. Eventually I will use it on a mountain or hill for a few castles. 

Just an idea what it looks like with a castle on the hill.

I can use the bridge or just the ramp

The Hill terrain I made for a Castle.