Monday, November 26, 2018

The Dinosaur Wars or Bones War

The Bones Wars aka The Dinosaur Wars of the American West Science Project

This is the diorama that we made to go with the display board about the "Bones War" in America in the 19th Century between two paleontologists for my daughters 5th grade class science project. I think the first part of the project came out looking very good and she worked hard on it. The next phase is the display board. This is just a little eye candy for the project.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Life in the Dinosaur World Exhibit

Life in the Dinosaur World

This is my youngest daughters first science project. So we thought about what she wanted and we came to the conclusion that she really wanted to make it about dinosaurs since Jurassic Park is one of her favorite movies and toys. So we created a Dinosaur world and put things into it that she learned and also would give someone a idea what the Dinosaur age looked liked. The display board is next. The idea is "What was life like during the Dinosaur Age? "And this exhibit is an answer without having to say anything, but we sat down and researched a lot of info to put it into the display. She learned a lot on her first science project just making the display.  Next is the Display board and research findings. 

The Bones War