Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Paint Bench: Zombie Building #31 (The Brunswick Hotel)

Okay, here we go into the home stretch. I am finally back on the city buildings. The next few buildings are from The RailKing or MTH painted buildings. The first one is a 6 story Hotel call The Brunswick. All I basically did was weather the building and modify the lower windows. I left some room on the very bottom to run lights in the building if I want to. 

14 to go, and one prison....plus 150 telephone polls, various road signs, stop lights and some bill boards. And of course the side walks that go with them all. 

These buildings are very difficult to stop buying. The are addicting. I have 8 buildings, like this. This is the only 6 story one, but I want 2 more. But I will just have to wait for that. 


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Paint Bench: Zombie Building #30 (Boarded up house)

Finally finished my last house, another plasticville O scale house. (I think). I boarded this one up because I was missing some window pieces. It was also missing an entire wall, so I made one, which was just a thin piece of thick paper, nothing hard. I thought it turned out ok, there was not a lot of detail on the house to pick up, such as siding. But I did the best I could. 

I also made some drive ways, walk ways and back porches to add to the houses. 

The Chimney had no brickwork so I added my own brick which was not the easiest, but it came out satisfactory.

A un-weathered drive way and walkway.

I also made some drive way for the houses. Thought that would add I nice touch. 

Here are a few more close ups of the cars that I have weathered up and finished with. About 45 or so.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Paint Bench: Zombie Building #29 (Mansion)

Here is a freshly painted mansion that I finished tonight. This is another O scale Plasticville Mansion I bought off ebay that was in kit form before I primed and painted it up. One more house left and I am on to the city buildings again which will move fast since all I have to do is weather them up for the most part. Maybe some detail work here and there. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Paint Bench: Zombie Building #28 (Church)

Here is a nice church that I repainted and even put some stained glass in. I had fun painting this. I used no weathering, just dry brushed it mainly after painting it up. I wanted it to look nice and clean and glowing white, no matter even if its on a zombie table. 

I can add a light to the church and the windows shine bright.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Paint Bench: Zombie Building #27 (House under Construction)

Here is a simple House under construction. Took about 20 minutes to make, nothing dramatic. 


Paint Bench: Zombie Building #26 (Barn for Ranch House)

I finished the Barn that goes with the Ranch House set I am making. I plan on getting a windmill as well to go with it. I have some fencing. This is just a scenario I am going to play with some zombies. Up next is an unfinished under construction house that will go with this set as well, or anywhere else. Moving on. 

I added some pics at the end to show the mass build up of buildings I have completed that are piling up on my game table. 

Here is the other 12 buildings I finished on the table, along with all the 1/40 scale cars I have weathered up on the side. I think I have close to 45 vehicles. I want to get a few motorcyles and a few other trucks such as a ryder truck and another RV, maybe a Utility vehicle too. My Helms Deep Battle in the background, I have yet to start playing. This project got started after I made the Helms Deep battle table. Now it is a work table again.

Here are the remaining buildings to weather, not including 8 buildings on anther shelf, and a prison left to do.

These are the first 14 buildings I made, setting on the top of the brown shelves.