Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Zombie Apocalypse: August 2017 Wilmington, VA

A large zombie horde attacks a small group of survivors in a fortified section of Wilmington, VA.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Battle of Celebrant TA2510 (War of the Ring)

The Battle of Celebrant TE2510 

The Easterlings known as the Balchoth waged open war against the weakened and war torn Gondor in the year 2510 of the Third Age of Middle Earth. Gondor had no allies at the time and against all hope sent the Red Arrow north to the Eothed, one of the ancient allies to Gondor, but received no reply. The Balchoth crossed the river Auduin in numerous fords passing into the Wold in the Northern province of Calenardhon, which had been abandoned long before and the Balchoth met little resistance crossing. The Northern Army of Gondor led by the Steward Cirion, appeared out from Isengard, Alaround and other fortresses in the White Mountains, but the Majority of the Balchoth army had already crossed the river Auduin, and drove the Northern army back into the Wold and cut off all reinforcements.  By the time the South Gondor army appeared, The North army had come under attack by a Orc band out of the close by Misty Mountains to the east and were backed against the river and surronded by two armies. 
Out of the north suddenly Eorl The Young from Eotheod appeared unexpected by friend of foe, responding to Cirion's call. The Eotheod crossed the Auduin and the Undeeps of the river and broke into the rearguard of the Balchoth and attacked the orc band in the flanks and rear, destroying and scattering all of the Balchoth in Calnardhon. 

Northern Gondor Army facing the Balchoth