Thursday, October 4, 2018

Doomfire on Bastonne 1531 (WHFB)

A mysterious unknown and nameless doomfire dragon attacks Castle Bastonne sometime in the year 1531, however the year is uncertain. Duke Bohemond 'Beastslayer' of Bastonne rides to face the dragon head on without hesitation and attacks the dragon as it is raising part of the castle to flames.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Battle of Pelennor Fields March 9-15 3019TA (War of the Ring)

The city of Minas Tirith was besieged following the fall of Osgiliath and the Rammas Echor, Gondor's final barriers against the forces of Mordor. In the retreat to the city, Faramir, son of Denethor, Steward of Gondor, was severely wounded. Since the despairing Steward refused to leave his son's side, the Wizard Gandalf took command of the city's defenses. Meanwhile, the enemy forces assembled before the city on the Pelennor Fields. The Great Darkness blotted out the sun. The Nazg├╗l, Sauron's most feared servants, flew over the battlefield on fell beasts, causing the defenders' morale to waver.
After repeated futile attacks by catapults and siege towers, Sauron's forces were able to breach the city gate using the giant battering ram Grond. The Witch-king entered alone at dawn and was confronted by Gandalf. However, at that moment the Rohirrim arrived and charged into battle.

The Dawnless Day

Present day March 12th 3019TA

28mm Minas Tirith 

Mordor host arriving from the north after breaching the northern causeway of the Rammas Echor

Grond beating down Great Gate of the Eastern causeway fort of the Rammas Echor

North Causeway fort of Rammas Echor

Mumakils leading a host of Haradrim and Southrons

Easterlings arrive with siege towers from the south

Mordor host arriving at the Eastern Great Gate of the Rammas Echor after the sack of Osgilith.

Mordor host arriving from the north after breaching the northern causeway fort of the Rammas Echor.

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Eastern causeway fort of Rammas Echor

Orcs attach the Northern causeway fort of the Rammas Echor

I am currently still placing Gondor troops on the field and in Minas Tirith along with Dol Amroth and others. This game has not started currently.  Will update.