Tuesday, May 24, 2022

3d Print Project Middle Earth Cities

 I started a new project in January. It was just going to be at first two pieces of terrain. It quickly turned into something crazy and overwhelming because 3d print stuff is amazing. I am revamping my Minas Tirith with a new wall. Creating another wall called the Ramma. And then it became remaking Osgilith (16 x 12 table and 6 x 6 table). Then it lead to the Black Gates and omg it ended at Barad Dur. But going backwards I am making Gondolin as well. As well as a few bits of Greek terrain. It started with a $140 project and now I’ve spent probably over $8000 on the Dark Rhelms 3d print terrain. Currently I only have 70 percent in. I’m waiting on the outer Gondolin walls and Minas Tirith walls. Along with the walls for Barad Dur. I am currently base coating every thing in a black charcoal. Next will be turning it all to white Stone.  Except for the Morannon gates and Barad.

Minas Tirith 


The Black Gates (Morannon)

Barad Dur 


9 foot diameter Circle 

Greek or Roman 

Styrofoam for mountains and Gondolin $950.00 worth  

These are next 


WimVdB said...

This looks excellent! But you do need lots of space to stock all these buildings.

James said...

I'd love to play on that terrain!

James Fisher said...

These are amazing pieces with superb detail, but that is a huge price tag too!
Regards, James

Mike said...

Wow you don't do things by half. I salute you sir. The buildings all look incredible.