Saturday, November 29, 2014

Star Wars: Battle Of Hoth (Galactic Civil War 3ABY) Practice Game

The Battle of Hoth was a major victory for the Galactic Empire and the single worst battlefield defeat suffered by the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. The battle was an Imperial invasion aimed at destroying the Rebel Alliance's Echo Base hidden on the remote ice world Hoth.

The Imperial attack force consisted of primarily AT-AT walkers, commanded by Major General Maximilian Veers. His army was tasked with destroying Echo Base's main power generator to allow orbital bombardment of the planet. Spearheading the defense of the generator was the elite Rogue Squadron, manning snowspeeders, commanded by Luke Skywalker.

This was a practice game. We had to learn how to operate and use the many different vehicles in the game which was a bit challenging at first. A lot of rule reading, not much playing. So it was a practice skirmish. Using that AT-AT was a lot of fun however. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Battle of the Black Gate March 25th TA 3019 (War of the Ring)

The Battle of the Black Gate also known as the Battle of the Morannon, was the final major battle during the War of the Ring. It resulted in the ultimate defeat of Sauron not by victory on the battlefield, but by the means of the destruction of the One Ring by the hobbit Frodo.

I finally got to play the Battle of the Black Gate. I used some house rules for solo playing in this epic sized battle. It was very fun and challenging. It took about 1 day to make the the table and 2 days to play. 

The ring is tossed in the fire and Gondor wins in this game, but was one turn away from losing the game. Those eagles were very useful in the battle. 

Mordor reinforcements pour in

The weak left flank is held by Dol Amroth

Gondor right flank falls.

The Gondor left flank falls but luckily for Gondor Frodo throws that ring in the fire and the game ends.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Orc Assault Boats

I was needing some nice looking assault rafts or boats for my up coming Osgilith wargame. I finally got them in the mail this morning. They look fantastic!! Not a bad deal for $120.00 off Ebay, from a maker in Poland. The maker is Arkadius.  Very happy with the detail on the boats. The ramps even come down. The boats hold about 21 minis with 20mm x 20mm bases. 

So it looks like my Osgilith terrain is all ready. I will have to game it soon. First I have to get over pneumonia. My wife will not let me game.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Star Wars: Raid on Polis Massa (Galactic Civil War 0 BBY)

The raid on Polis Massa was a large skirmish between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic on the mining asteroid colony of Polis Massa. This colony was being used by the Rebels in the early days of the Galactic Civil War in 0 BBY.

During the first days of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, a movement that started in 2 BBY, the Rebel command mounted a secret base on Polis Massa. The Alliance launched many operations from their Polis Massan base, although the Rebel Alliance did their best not to disturb the nearby Kallidahin excavations. The Empire raided this base repeatedly but the base survived these attacks. In 0 BBY, the Polis Massan Rebel base received an important transmission from other Rebels: the plans of the Empire's new armored battle station. Knowing that the transmission had been made, Darth Vader ordered his agents of the 501st Legion to recover the plans and destroy the Rebel outpost. The Bothan spies, knowing that the Empire would have tracked the transmission, secretly forwarded the plans to another Rebel outpost, the Tantive IV starship, and prepared a forgery to trick the Imperial forces as much as they could. The Empire discovered the deception during the attack but was slow in issuing new orders to the 501st.  Eventually, the 501st obliterated the Rebel presence on Polis Massa and found a new trail to follow, tracking Princess Leia Organa's corvette orbiting over Tatooine.

This game begins after the Imperial troops have taken control of the hover tank hanger and launch a final assault deep into the heart of the base to destroy the data bank. 

We used the Star Wars Miniature Rules from WOTC.