Monday, September 24, 2018

Paint Bench: 28mm Minas Tirith re-worked

I decided to re work the "Out thrust knee" of Mount Mindolluin. I finally found some one with a very large foam wire cutter to help me shave off two ends of my "Out thrust knee" of Mount Mindolluin." I always felt I made it a little too wide, and wanted to make it more slim. I actually was able to join both the cut off parts together and make two new ones. I also repainted Minas Tirith with a little new dry brushing since it had been on the shelf for so long. I am fixing to play a Battle of Minas Tirith game involving Osgilith, the Ramma and Pelennor Fields soon. 

Original out thrust knee

New out thrust knee 1


Scrapes left over but painted.

New Mt. Mindolluin out thrust knee (1)

new out thrust knee 2

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Version 1

Version without towers

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Battle of Carcassonne 1251 IC (WHFB)

 Battle of Carcassonne 1251 IC
In the southern part of Bretonnia a large Orc host is marching out of the Irana Mountains towards Castle Carcassonne to lay siege to the fortress. A small orc force of raiders have been sent forward to attempt to breach the castle walls and open the gates to the city. The castle is in protected by a small tributary that acts like a mote to the front of the castle and is a natural defense against siege towers. Unknown to the orcs, a small host of knights are approaching the castle from the west coming from Laguiller. The knights do not know that the castle is under siege. The attack begins in the early hours of the morning and the city is alerted from scouts returning from patrol. The objective of the orc host is to breach the castle and destroy as much as possible and then return back into the mountains. The main objective of the raiding party is to scale the walls and open the gates to the city for the orc war host. This is the beginning plans of a orc invasion into southern Bretonnia in the year 1251 IC. 

Hudson and Allen Castle

Castle Carcassonne