Thursday, August 22, 2013

28mm Gondor Army

Here again are some few photos of my Gondor army that I have painted over the last few years. I painted this army to go with the Minas Tirith that I was "having" made, but actually had to make it myself. Again I searched all over the internet to find most of the miniatures since they are all out of production now. The molds were at Black Tree Design but they sold them to Scotia Grendel. However Grendel has not came out with the Rohan or Gondor miniatures. I believe I was told they are retooling the molds. But I am sure when they re-release them I will have to add on to my existing armies.

Men of Anfalas using Gondor shields. There are also a mix of men-at arms in the army. I got about 500 Gondor shields from Black Tree Design. I  pretty much clean then out of almost everything Lord of the Rings..aka Legions of the Realm after they sold the molds. I still have like 200 shields or so.

I eventually made flags for all flag bearers using photo shop. These pics were taken right after I finished painting them in the many batches of paint jobs.

Citadel Guard

Gondor Archers

Gondor Cavalry

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I lost track of how many I painted but it is roughly 500 foot and 60 cavalry. I made the army rather large for my Minas Tirith city.

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