Monday, August 26, 2013

28mm Assyrian Army

Here is some pictures of my Assyrian Army that I have painted in the past few years. Eventually I will be painting again....but I have to play 52 wargames before I pick up the brush again, since I have painted for almost 7 years without playing a game. Now I game and blog and relax. I also use this army as my Haradrim and Southrons in my LOTR games.

I know that Black Tree Design Assyrian Cavalry are not the prettiest thing in the world, but they are cheap and are an ok miniature, I have 80 cavalry.

The Immortal Miniature Assyrians are up front and the Irregular Miniature Assyrians are in the back with the bigger shields.

Black Tree Design Assyrian Cavalry. I wanted to get the Immortal Miniature Assyrian Cavalry, but the minis are like true 25mm scale and not 28mm, so I stuck to using Black Tree Design Assyrian Cavalry. The Immortal Miniature Assyrians were on the small side, but I made them work. The Irregular Miniature Assyrians are big, but I cut all the bases off of them, and they became more in scale with the Immortal Miniature Assyrians. But the Immortal Miniatures horses are like ponies...way too small for my tastes, but very detailed. They are more in scale with Crusader Miniatures.

An Irregular / Eureka Miniature Chariot.

My entire Assyrian army

I have a 8 Assyrian chariots, 80 Cavalry and roughly 250 Foot.

My Assyrian army consist of mostly Immortal Miniatures aka Warlord Games now and Irregular Miniatures. The Cavalry are from Black Tree Design. The Chariots are also from Irregular Miniatures but are also sold at Eureka Miniatures.

A Grand Manner Assyrian Siege ram that I put together and painted.

An Assyrian Archer Siege tower from Grand Manner, superb detail.

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