Sunday, September 1, 2013

Paint Bench: Warhammer 40K Valkyrie

Okay, switching gears from the ancients. 
Awhile back I made a pair of Warhammer Valkyries to go with my other Sci-Fi stuff. I am not into Warhammer 40k, although I have been tempted by the terrain they make. I have a lot of AT-43 stuff that satisfies my need for Sci-Fi along with some Halo stuff as well as Terminators (you know the movie). But I felt that these Valkyries were just way to cool to pass up. So I gave it a go at trying to put them together. I am not much of a scale modeler but I think they turned out good. I painted them in an urban camo scheme

This model I enjoyed putting together.
I was determined to have very nice cockpit windows.

It took some time to tape those windows...not fun.

Painting the crew was right up my alley.

My interior detail was the best that I could do, it worked...besides how many people are going to look down inside there during a landing...but I still had to do a little detail.

A happy ending...

Finished product, not too bad for my first time.

At one time I had over 600 carded Star Wars figures on my walls as wall paper...sold them all to buy...miniatures to paint.

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