Monday, September 2, 2013

Star Wars: Battle of Hoth (Galactic Civil War 3 ABY)

I played the Battle of Hoth using the Star Wars Miniature Battle rules, which are fun rules to play. This was a game during a winter vacation watching my daughter. It was my first Star Wars game and it was a few years ago. Not my best looking game. I used a lot of the old Star Wars Micro play sets and the 3 3/4 inch AT-AT's. The miniatures are the new WOTC figures. I also had a few of the old Micro figures that I used as well, just so they wouldn't feel that they were left out. I will eventually replay the game with better terrain. Eventually I want to have a really nice looking game. I had a little fun with microsoft paint.

I used white fabric and cotton to make the ice mountains, worked out okay.

I made the generator out of the Titanium bases from some of the die cast Republic Gun ships I bought.

I bought 4 sets of the Hoth Micro play sets from the 1980's

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