Sunday, September 29, 2013

Paint Bench: 28mm Aventine Miniature samples (painted)

I got a few Aventine Miniatures samples in the mail a few days ago, thought I would share them.
They sent me some Early Imperial Romans and some Republic Romans along with some Macedonian Successor Phalanx troops. Also, a few different cavalry figures as well, Romans and Agema.

Aventine Miniatures EIR Roman Cavalry EIR88. He came with a standard but I put a wire lance in his hand from Northstar. Very crisp detail. The metal is very high quality white metal. His head came separate so that you can make them all different.

Next is a Agema Cloaked Cavalry figure PYR13. Again outstanding detail and comes with a very nice butted spear.

Here is another Eir Roman Cavalry figure with sword RR42. It came with two different sword arms, very nice detail again.

(From Left to Right) Here are some Republic Romans, Roman Hastati standing RR38,and 2 Roman Principes RR25 with sword, and with Pilum advancing with arm down RR291. The detail just does not stop, very nice figures.

Here again are the Romans above, with the Scuta they come with AVS012.

Some of the other samples sent were some Macedonian Successor Phalanx. (From Left to Right) Standing PH015, Advancing PH022 in linothrax, File leader PH01 and Advancing in Breast Plate PH022.


I am very impressed with the detail, the scale of the figures which are the bigger 28mm's and fit well with Vendel, Black Tree and Wargames Foundry. I plan on making a large purchase soon...just can't make up my mind what first, probably a Carthaginian army.


Here are the samples painted up. I painted them up this weekend. Not the best paint jobs. I had to use some BTD shields and some Vendel weapons for some of the cavalry figures. I am not exactly excited about the paint jobs but I have not painted in about 4 months, so this was my snap in so to speak. I am fixing to paint about 100 Greeks in about a week or two.

I used some Vendel Macedonian shields that I like. I did not like the Aventine shields.

I used some Black Tree Design shields since two of the riders came with no shields, I added some I have. I did not dress up the shields, just kept them plain, I am not the best at shields decals on Romans.

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