Saturday, March 22, 2014

28mm High Elf Army

Here is my completed High Elf army. I painted most of the Cavalry, 43 out of the 54 and about 210 of the 530 foot figures. I got the others from two others peoples collections in the UK and California. I found some really nice figures for a great price. I decided to beef up my Elf army for the Battle of Gondolin and various other battles in Middle Earth, Mithgar, Warhammer Fantasy and so on. I can use the ones I painted for Dark Elves as well. 

Meanwhile, I am painting up some Goblin Wolf riders then finally I will play the Siege of Gondolin.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Paint Bench: Wolf Riders by Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures by Tom Meier Finished!!!!

Paint Time: 5 days

I decided to paint up some Goblin Wolf Riders. Took me awhile to decide which ones to buy, I do not like the Warhammer Goblin riders. I like Games Workshops wolves and dire wolves, but do not care for their orcs and goblins, too cartoonist in my opinion. I decided on Thunderbolt Mountain miniatures done by none other than the great Tom Meier. These match my current orc and goblin army figures. I have some small goblins in my army from Thunderbolt Mountain. I wanted to buy some more infantry, but I am low on Mordor shields, I only have 16 left out of 300 supply I had.

I got 36 wolf riders, which converts to 2 units of 18. Half of them will be hand weapons, mostly spears, and the other half archers. I decided I need some for my up coming battle in Gondolin as well as other Middle Earth battles. Especially the Battle of Five Armies coming down the road soon. 

I really like the wolves they are big and detailed. Bigger than I thought.

The Goblins are 30mm tall, on the smaller side, but I like my goblins small, being how most of my orcs are large orcs.

I will give them some wire spears. I was going to use some Harlequin shields, but they are much too big. So I am going to use the shields provided, maybe. I have so many sets of shields I may use something else.

These are some very nice miniatures, well worth the money, about $300 worth...for 36. They are not cheap but worth it.

I will follow up soon, first I have to start the dirty work of cleaning them up and then priming up.

Here is a comparison to a Games Workshop Warhammer wolf

 I finally finished the wolf riders. They painted up nicely. I do not think I did a bad job, they turned out okay for my first time to paint wolves. They were a lot of fun. I almost bought another 36 more, but decided to buy more Orc Heavy Infantry instead. 

If I had to choose figures again, I would have got all missile troops or hob-goblin archers. But they look good, and I am pleased with the purchase. 

Next up some more old Harlequin Orcs aka Black Tree Design Legions of The Realm, aka Scotia Grendel Generic Fantasy figures (now).  I think they are some of the best old school minis out there.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Balrog (Middle Earth) by Games Workshop

Here is an outstanding painted Balrog from Games Workshop that I just bought off Ebay. It was painted by the War Dragon Painting service out of China. Yes, China. I have ordered a few things from them and they have outstanding service. I was totally blown away by the detail, that I had to show it off. I got this Balrog for my Siege of Gondolin that I am still working on. I also will be posting my new Elf Army that I am still gathering for the battle next. 

I have to admit, I can paint, but this model was a little out of my league to paint. I probably could have pulled it off, but it would take me forever to paint. So I decided to find one painted already. Again, there are so many people out there that can paint wonderfully, I have no problem buying stuff painted...I have had my paint brush time. 

I almost want another one.....

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Siege of Gondolin 510 FA (War of the Jewels)

The City of Gondolin  

The Final Version of Gondolin

  The Fall Of Gondolin 

Painting by John Howe

"Times were joyful then in Gondolin, but Húrin had—unbeknownst to the people of Gondolin—revealed something of their location when he cried to Turgon in his despair, and Morgoth began to concentrate his thoughts on those mountains where his servants could not go because of the vigil of the Great Eagles. Idril, who was wise and had far sight, felt a shadow of dread then, and in secret, she prepared a way out of the city.
At this time, Maeglin—in defiance of Turgon—went beyond the leaguer of the hills and was taken captive by Orcs. Threatened with torment, he revealed the location of Gondolin to Morgoth, and Morgoth promised him kingship of Gondolin and possession of Idril, should his plots succeed, which made him more willing in his treachery. Maeglin was returned then to Gondolin, and the foreboding upon Idril deepened.
When Eärendil was seven years old, the attack of Morgoth finally came on a morning of festival, when all of the citizens of Gondolin were upon the walls to welcome the rising of the sun. With Balrogs, Orcs, wolves, and dragons, the city was overtaken, and many great deeds of valor were done, but the tower of the King fell and Turgon with it." - J.R.R. Tolkien

I am currently making a game table for the siege of Gondolin or "The Fall Of Gondolin" from JRR Tolkien. It is a bit of a challange to make Gondolin in an Epic size game. The Houses of the Elves did not take to the field, instead they defended the walls of Gondolin. The only forces that were in the Vally would have been the Valley guard, but these engagements would only be small skirmishes, and no match for a massive Orc army, that surrounded the massive city. I have most of the table made, but have decided to fine tune the layout. The drawing above done by Feliche is what I am using as a model to make the city. I am using various other terrain to make the city. The city itself resembles Minas Tirith, but it is a full circle and does not back up to a mountain, but built on top of one.  I am not making the full circle, but showing only one half of the city for gaming purposes, as well as space. It is turning out great, and I am excited to play the game, but first I have to paint up a few Balrogs, and waiting on some Dragons in the mail. I will be posting pics soon.

I will be using these rules to play the game with and make up scenarios.

The beginning stages of the game table. The outer wall will be added in.


The Second Phase. I have added the lower wall, and modified the layout, next will be the city ruins that are results of being besieged. The city will be on fire while the game is being played. The waterfall was modified because of the lower wall section.

Final Layout. Unit placement next, I had to order some more troops.

Next is the placement of troops on the table. I am currently waiting on some new troops in the mail. I bought them painted, good paint jobs for once instead of painting more myself. But I like to buy other people great paint jobs on minis. Its more expensive, but fun also to buy others peoples work. I will have a total of 400 foot, 100 archers, 42 cavalry for the Gondolians and about 300 Orcs, 5 Wolves, 3 Dragons, and 2 Balrogs. The reason there are so many elves, is to represent the 11 or 12 Elf Households of Gondolin, plus its a huge fortress, about 12 feet long and 3 feet wide. 

I am currently fixing to paint up a unit of 36 wolf riders for the game, as well as for future games in middle earth. I bought some wolf riders from Thunderbolt Mountain miniatures, Tom Meier is the owner, if your familiar with Ral Partha, then you would have heard of Tom Meier. One of the great sculptors. His work is amazing...and my insisted I buy his wolf I am back to the paint table soon. But I will start the battle before hand, just waiting on some new elves to arrive. 


Still working on the table, painting up wolf riders for the game...and I maybe either buying more or expanding my orc infantry....have not decided.  

Updated II

Well, I ordered some more orcs to paint up for this game. I got all my Elf armies in, just need to set them up in the fortress. Finishing up some wolf riders. I will start the game and paint at the same time (maybe) but I got some more painting to do. Every time I play a game I buy more minis. 

Update III

I finally placed the elves on the field and in the walls. I had the Vally Guard showing up on the field so that I could have some kinda of field battle as well as a siege. I am adding about 300 Orcs to the field and fixing to start painting them up. So I probably will wait to start the game. I am basically doubling the size of the Orc army. So the field will be entirely covered with Orcs soon. 
I bought another round of minis from Scotia Grendel and Black Tree Design. 

Here are the latest updates.

The Gondolian Valley Guard showing up on the field completely overwhelmingly out numbered. And A dragon in front of them as the enter.

Finally after a few months started playing the game.

I some how deleted the pics of the battle here, but he Valley Guard defeated the Orcs rear guard and are now moving towards the walls to attempt to help free the Elf Host that is behind the walls to get them on the field of battle.

The Valley guard attacking the orcs from behind and pinning them against the walls.

The Valley Guard march on the bridge to cut off reinforcements as well as attack the other orc host.

A house of Elf lords prepare for an attack outside of the walls.

The Orcs are beginning to pour over the walls

The Battle for the bridge is about to begin.

All miniatures are Games Workshop, Scotia Grendel (aka Black Tree Design and old Harlequin Miniatures)