Tuesday, July 30, 2013

28mm City of Carthage

Here a again is another city that was made by Philip Viverito of LMW Works, The City of Carthage in 28mm!!!!! I am now going to be the new owner soon of this superb city in a few weeks.  The city itself has 3 outer walls, senate house, citadel and market place along with the great harbor of Carthage.  The City of Carthage was an very important Mediterranean harbor. The Romans conquered Carthage in 146 BC. 
 Battles can be fought from both land and sea. Philip is a great friend to me and I feel lucky that I was able to purchase a lot of his very detailed cities, including Carthage now.

The City of Carthage. The size of the city is 10' x 5' roughly.
The Harbor of Carthage can be seen in the back. Amazing Detail!!!
The armies I plan to use with this city arranged in different ways are; 28mm Carthaginians, 28mm Trojan, 28mm Romans, 28mm Greeks, 28mm Macedonians, and my 28mm Assyrians, 28mm Babylonians and 28mm Egyptians (that I use as Phoenicians as well). Tons of possibilities.  My 28mm Spartans will just have to conquer one of the cities to have their own. I will be using all of my Sgt Major Miniatures aka Vendel Miniatures with these cities.

I had called Philip out of the blue to see if he had any cities that he wanted to sell me. I had painted a massive Roman army and I was wanting to have a Roman city for them, so that I could, every now and then lay siege to a Roman city such as Rome or hey Carthage! I did not even have a clue that he made Carthage, or at least I forgot. So when he mention Carthage...I instantly knew I wanted it. So I am excited about this city and I am here to brag all about it. Of course there are a few other things I got as well, and I will post some more about that later.

Rome at the walls of Carthage at Cold Wars 2007. 
I plan on using the city in different ways, I will combine the city with Hadrian's wall to make other Roman cities, hey even Rome if I want. Carthage became a Roman city, so it was perfect for what I was looking for. I can almost combine everything I have already with this city, since it was a Phoenician city, like Tyre.  All the architect from Troy will work with it as well, such as the city buildings. I can make one massive city if I combine all of them....oh yes. I can use it in Wargods of Olympus or Wargods or Aegyptus as well.

Philip at Cold Wars 2007 running a game with the City of Carthage.
I think I have plenty of armies to put in the field against this city.

I have about 9 Roman ships that I can use with the city if I want to have a massive harbor battle, and I have a massive Roman army to attack it on the land side. This is going to be one fun game down the road..along with other games as well.

 The City of Carthage at various conventions across the US

The Harbor of Carthage

The City of Carthage in its might!!!


Here are a few links on information about the City of Carthage and its history.


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