Monday, May 11, 2015

Paint Bench: 28mm Zombies and Survivors by Wargames Factory

After finishing my zombie table terrain, I have started and finished putting together the Wargames Factory Zombies, Zombie Vixons and  Survivors - The Men and The Women. I mixed up all the boxes and made about 154 zombies using various parts. I think most every zombie is different, or at least for the most part. The zombies detail were ok, nothing too dramatic but work. I had fun putting these together. 

I also mixed up the women and men survivors and came up with 35 unique characters. None of them are copies from the box, at least for the most part, as I got to the end, I started running out of my own options. But I added some cool stuff such as bayonets, and swords. I had way more fun putting the survivors together, the detail on them was much better. 

Next I am going to prime them as soon as the rain stops here in Texas. 

First the making of the zombies.......

 Then next the survivors......

And some Zombie Vixons....

 And Back to the survivors....The Men and Women.


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