Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Paint Bench: Zombie Table terrain Finale!!! (Billboards)

And I am finally finished with the terrain. I made a few roadside billboards. Not perfect but good enough. I finished up, cleaned off my table and organized it to start painting minis in the next day or two. I also started finding places to store my terrain. I am saving up for some new shelving. One day I plan to redesign my game room with new Elfa shelving. It will set me back a few grand, but I will have a nicer game room. You would not believe how much terrain I have. I have so much, I am becoming very over crowded in my game room. 

Anyways, on to the Zombie Horde!!!

I thought this was an appropriate sign for the theme of the table.

My wife wanted me to make this. She loves Better Call Saul!

Paint Table cleaned and ready for painting finally.

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