Saturday, April 25, 2015

Paint Bench: Zombie Town terrain (Traffic Signals made by JTT)

I bought some JTT Traffic signals a while back, and put them together and painted them in the last two days. They look pretty good. These are O scale and work great with 28mm. 

I placed them down near some of the town buildings to get a feel of what they will look like when my town is finally done and everything is set up. 

I even pulled out my box of highways and parking lots to see how everything blends. 

I have about 50' of highway and streets. I had some nice guy on ebay make them for me, cost about $400-$500 for them all. They are all very nicely constructed out of foam. I had made some as well, but they are a different color. 

I have different colors of highway marking, but I just grabbed what ever was on top to make the comparison.
I did not put down any sidewalk, but there will be sidewalks.


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