Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Paint Bench: 28mm King Breonne by Reaper Miniatures Finished!!

Paint Time : 2 days

I finished this Reaper Miniature I bought off ebay. It was fun to paint. I think I repainted it a few times. I think that is from the late 80's or early 90's, not sure. It had okay detail, but nothing to write home about. It was still fun to paint. And I wanted a King on foot fighting, so I grabbed him for a few bucks. I plan on using him as Bohemond of Bastonne mainly instead of a King....but it is a useful figure. The device it had on it shield, (dragons) fit only the Duke of Bastonne in Bretonnian or the closest thing to it. I really wished it was just one Dragon on the shield and it would be a perfect match...minus the crown (but I can use my imagination)...Maybe the Duke of Bastonne can seize the Crown from Louen  Leoncoeur. I could always repaint the dragons black and make him Baldemar of Bastonne as well.

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