Thursday, June 5, 2014

Paint Bench: 28mm Vampire Lord on Horse by Troll Outpost Finished

 Paint Time : 3 days

Here is another miniature I bought off ebay, and decided to try it out. It has great detail and made of resin. The manufacture is Troll Outpost, which I have never heard of. The model itself was slightly a pain to put together, and it was slightly warp. I had to break one leg off and reattach it and use some putty on it. The armor and the horse has great detail. The only problem I had was the Vampire Lords seemed to lack great detail. Anyways, it was my first Vampire Lord to ever paint, so don't laugh. It cost me around $24.00 or so. I do not plan to buy anymore. There is a set of 6 that go along with this Vampire Lord, but I am not too thrilled about putting any of them together. They are nothing like a Games Workshop plastic figure as far as putting them together. I used superglue on them, Gorilla glue, but it took for ever to assemble them. 

Anyways, here is how it turned out. I am not good at vampire skin. I read up on it....and I was close, minus one step. But I got somewhat pale skin and stopped before I messed up on the skin for a third time. 

I did have to replace his sword with a high elf bit sword I had laying around. The sword it came with broke off his arm and was warped beyond repair.

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