Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paint Bench: Goblins from Hasslefree Miniatures Finished!!

Paint Time: 6 days

I had asked Hasslefree to send me a sample of their goblins, so I could decide if I wanted to buy a large batch of them or not. I was afraid they were going to be too small. Well they were nice and threw in a 4 pack of Goblins because my order was a little late. Very nice. I have to say these goblins are really small. They almost could be used as 15mm orcs, or even 20mm (1/72) orcs. I would call them more like Hob-Goblins in 28mm. And I know Goblins are smaller than orcs, but I prefer Goblins to be in the 30mm range at least. But again as normal the detail is outstanding. I just wish they were 30mm or higher. I think they are about 20mm to 21mm high tops once you attach the head. Anyways, I plan on using them for my scouts and special mission troops.

Here is a figure comparison with Thunderbolt Mountain Heavy Goblins, Hasslefree Goblins and a Hasslefree Orc

Finished! I don't think these turned out so well, but they were something new to paint.

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