Wednesday, July 31, 2013

28mm Hadrian's Wall

Besides getting the City of Carthage along with it comes a large section of Hadrian's Wall that I also picked up from Philip Viverito of LMW Works. This superb model was in the Historical Miniature Gamer Magazine Issue 6.

Philip Viverito's Hadrian's Wall at Cold Wars 2006.
Inside Roman Fort that includes lots of Roman Villas and barracks. My Black Tree Design Romans will like the new barracks.

The walls and the fort are nicely detailed, another great addition to my collection. I should sell my wife's corvette to pay for my hobby.
I am excited to use this along with Carthage to make various Roman cities with and of course just as Hadrian's wall. My Romans will now have some protection from those invading Macedonians. I can see all the sad faces in the photos wishing they had this in their game room. Oh, I am not bragging or nothing, not me.
Nice photo of Hadrian's Wall

Aerial View of part of Hadrian's Wall

List of Roman Battles Link

Update: I now have Hadrians walls on my shelf, the model is fantastic and very detailed, I was very excited unpacking it. 

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