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Battle of Baja City (Planet of the Apes) 1st ACW 3075 AD

General Urko takes control of Ape Central City with a coup and dissolves the Supreme Council of Ape City. His plans are to launch a military campaign into the forbidden zone against the councils rejection. He therefore stages a coup and takes over the Ape Empire on the West Coast. Some of the council members flee to the south to try to organize a rebellion against the newly claimed dictatorship, which starts a civil war. General Urko marches south to capture and begin to put down the rebellion in the southern cities. The first attack in his campaign is the ape city in the Baja region known as Baja City. The figures used in this game are 40mm from Monolith Designs. The horses are 42mm Irregular Miniatures.
The ape forces in dark maroon are Urko troops and the forces in green are rebel troops.

Baja City being occupied by Rebel apes. Rivers are made by Wargammers Terrain.
Rebel forces returning with news of the approaching Government forces or Urko.

Aerial view of Baja city. Rivers are made by Wargamers Terrain. Mountains and grass are made by Battlefield Architect. Buildings are made by Art of War Terrain. Apes are made by Monolith Designs and horses are made by Irregular Miniatures.

Rebel apes prepare to move into defensive positions
View from south

General Urko army arrives at the bridge to Baja City

The assault on Baja City begins

 Rebel apes have taken many casualties defending the bridge from failed enemy cavalry attacks and artillery shelling.  Luckily for them (for the moment) Urko's artillery forces have moved too the east.

The Rebels have stopped  General Urko's advance by denying his cavalry units across the bridge, and inflicting massive casualties and hold the bridge to the city. This was all done while taking incoming artillery shelling. Urko's is now moving  his infantry forces forward  towards the bridge along the river. Unfortunately the rebel forces have ran out of mortar rounds that were helping to hold the bridge, with the help rebel machine gun positions dug in on along the river bank near the bridge. Urko has ordered his artillery units to move east along the river to fire indirectly into the center of Baja City in an effort to cut off rebel reinforcements in the south eastern part of the city before he makes his final assault on the bridge (View from the western end of the city near bridge)
Government troops move across the bridge and attack rebel forces.

Rebel forces are being pushed back and start to retreat.

General Urko troops have taken the bridge and have taken Baja City. His next campaign is to march on to Kofa City in the Sonaran Desert region. 

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