Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Paint Bench: Wolf Riders by Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures by Tom Meier Finished!!!!

Paint Time: 5 days

I decided to paint up some Goblin Wolf Riders. Took me awhile to decide which ones to buy, I do not like the Warhammer Goblin riders. I like Games Workshops wolves and dire wolves, but do not care for their orcs and goblins, too cartoonist in my opinion. I decided on Thunderbolt Mountain miniatures done by none other than the great Tom Meier. These match my current orc and goblin army figures. I have some small goblins in my army from Thunderbolt Mountain. I wanted to buy some more infantry, but I am low on Mordor shields, I only have 16 left out of 300 supply I had.

I got 36 wolf riders, which converts to 2 units of 18. Half of them will be hand weapons, mostly spears, and the other half archers. I decided I need some for my up coming battle in Gondolin as well as other Middle Earth battles. Especially the Battle of Five Armies coming down the road soon. 

I really like the wolves they are big and detailed. Bigger than I thought.

The Goblins are 30mm tall, on the smaller side, but I like my goblins small, being how most of my orcs are large orcs.

I will give them some wire spears. I was going to use some Harlequin shields, but they are much too big. So I am going to use the shields provided, maybe. I have so many sets of shields I may use something else.

These are some very nice miniatures, well worth the money, about $300 worth...for 36. They are not cheap but worth it.

I will follow up soon, first I have to start the dirty work of cleaning them up and then priming up.

Here is a comparison to a Games Workshop Warhammer wolf

 I finally finished the wolf riders. They painted up nicely. I do not think I did a bad job, they turned out okay for my first time to paint wolves. They were a lot of fun. I almost bought another 36 more, but decided to buy more Orc Heavy Infantry instead. 

If I had to choose figures again, I would have got all missile troops or hob-goblin archers. But they look good, and I am pleased with the purchase. 

Next up some more old Harlequin Orcs aka Black Tree Design Legions of The Realm, aka Scotia Grendel Generic Fantasy figures (now).  I think they are some of the best old school minis out there.  

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