Thursday, September 5, 2013

28mm Mordor Army

I painted a massive host of Mordor and Isengard Orcs for my Lord of the Rings epic battles. All of the orcs are from the old Harlequin Lord of the Rings range, aka Legions of the Realm by Black Tree Design and now the" Generic Fantasy Orcs" by Scotia Grendel. In my opinion they are some of the most well sculpted orc miniatures out there. By far better than any Games Workshop Orcs. I have a few Isengard orcs mixed in with the great orcs. Scotia Grendel has only put out the Great Orc casts. The Isengard orcs have not been put into production currently. I think I painted close to 400 or so. They were the easiest to paint by far. I did forget I do have a few 30mm Thunderbolt Mountain Goblins and Goblin archers. They are super great sculpts but a little on the small side for my tastes. They go good with the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings range.

Great Orcs

Some Thunderbolt Mountain goblin infantry and archers. I used the Black Tree Design or Harlequin red eye of Mordor shields on them.

Great Orcs. The miniatures are huge and expensive, but worth every penny, especially when painted up.

The front rank of axes are the Isengard Orcs

A idea I am working on to Game in the 4th Age of Middle Earth involving the races of Ancient History, for my sanity.

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