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Battle of New York 4003 AD (Planet of the Apes) Psychlos War

The alien race of Psychlos have invaded earth only to find that all humans for the most part are extinct. Majority of all cities on earth are destroyed as what looked to be a global nuclear war but was fought a few thousands years ago. The year on earth is 4003. Only a few traces of life forms seem to be massed in various spots, mostly in what was called North America, but they determine that the life forms seem to be just animals and not humans and no threat. They did a small landing on earth and land near the ruins of what was called New York City, only to find that there is a hostile race of apes that inhabit the city and are not just harmless animals and seem to be organized and have some military present. At the time, they do not realize that all of North American is under Ape control.

 The scouts of the ape General Petraeus reported the mysterious landing of the strange invaders from the skies and upon learning this, he prepares his forces in the ruined city for an assault. The apes on the east coast of what was called North America have occupied a lot of various cities after some time and took advantage of the stock piles of various resources that were found underground. 

At first the Psychlos leave the planet and order a gas drone to sweep the planet to get rid of the ape forces. Once the gas drone dropped its lethal loads on earth and returned, the Psychlos return back to earth again in the same area near destroyed New York City only to find the apes are not affected by the gas and are still there, but more fortified.

The apes in various locations on earth, mostly in North America noticed green gas in the air, but all the gas did to them was make them cough for a little time, and then they were fine. Generals around the ape provinces were on alert and General Petraeus sent scouts with messages to alert the other areas of the ape realm in what is known as North America and the Ape central government in Ape City, about the invaders from the skies. But that will take some time for the scouts to reach the West.

The Psychlos could not breath earth's atmosphere and had to wear protective helmets, this slowed them down dramatically once they were on the ground. The Psychlos marines had to adjust and it also effected their targeting of hand weapons. They were taller than humans and were incredibly stronger. Their weapons were far more advanced than anything on earth. The apes assumed that they were just humans from past experiences talked about in tales.

The only interest in Earth that the Psychlos had was to mine it of all its minerals after destroying the earths population using gas. They never expected that earth would be wiped out by its own hands. The Psychlos attack force of spaceships carrying space marines with fighters and tanks were just a small group because the Psychlos commanders did not think there would be much of a problem taking over the planet. Besides it took close to a year in earth time to travel there from the closest outpost. So the Psychlos force attacking earth was relatively small and not very well armed, but still a deadly force to be up against. 

The Psychlos were not prepared for the gorilla warfare they faced. The Psychlos also do not realize the city is heavily covered in radiation from uranium from nuclear explosions. Their breath gas will explode on contact with uranium.

I brought together to great Sci-Fi novels in one game. The only book I love from Ron L. Hubbard, Battlefield Earth. And then of-course Planet of the Apes. I use my Halo troops because they are in the same scale as my apes. Most of my ape games are The Great Ape Civil War. 

Psychlos marines near New York City ruins and the Ape forces. Both bridges are being guarded by Ape infantry but are taken easily.

Ape infantry have dug in positions along the outer skirts of the ruins.

General Petraeus watches as the Psychlos marines advance on his position.

Ruins in New York City

Ape forces defending the northern bridge.

The city of New York City in ruins since 1991.

Psychlos fighting their way towards the Ape lines.

General Petraeus orders artillery fire, which unknowingly has Uranium dust all over the shells.  The artillery fire is devastating.

The apes are from Graven Images sculpted by Jim Bowen (RIP) and the horses are from Irregular Miniatures.

Ape Mortar teams prepare for a fire mission near their lines.

Psychlos preparing for an assault on the ape lines, only to be pushed back due to mortar fire that seems to be very deadly. Some Psychlos who were out of the kill radius but close to, explode. This sends a panic into the ranks of the Psychlos marines.

Psychlos preparing to fire heavy bombardment at the city, but their targeting system has nothing to lock on to. 
The rivers are made by Wargamers Terrain and I bought the trees off ebay, nice trees but fragile.

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