Tuesday, September 10, 2013

28mm Egyptian Army

This is a small little update, nothing too exciting, but I can not leave them out.
One of my first 28mm Armies that I painted was an Egyptian army. I re-painted a few of them before I got better at painting 28mm. I used to just paint 15mm. But now I do not like painting 15mm and only like painting 28mm or above...I guess because I my eye sight is going. Here are a few pics of my Egyptian army.

Here are mostly Black Tree Design chariots with one Foundry Miniatures Egyptian Chariot.

Some of my Egyptian chariots are using old Ral Partha chariots with Black Tree Design horses, along with some shields from Wargods of Aegyptus from Crocodile games. My Egyptian foot are a mix of Vendel Miniatures aka Sgt Major Miniatures and Black Tree Design, which are the same scale.

Vendel Miniatues Egyptian Marines (aka Sgt Major Miniatures)

All of my Egyptians have old Vendel Miniature heavy shields (aka Sgt Major Miniatures). I do not like the Black Tree Design Egyptian shields, so I switched them out for Vendel shields.

I used a chestnut colored Citadel wash called Gryphonne Sepia on the white. For awhile I did not wash any of my figures, but I like them washed, so I washed all of my collection, which took about 2 weeks or so.

Egyptians defending Thebes

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