Saturday, October 5, 2013

Paint Bench 28mm Greeks from Essex and Sgt Major (Vendel) Finished!!!!!

Paint Time: 29 days

I had to put my current game of Carthage on hold to paint more Greeks or Early Carthaginian Hoplites as I am using them in my current Siege of Carthage with the Macedonians. I got a great deal on some 28mm Essex Greeks. I also picked some old Vendel Greek and Macedonian archers from Sgt Major Miniatures as well. I did not have enough archers on the walls of I thought I would even up the odds a little.

I have about 250 foot and 16 cavalry to paint up. I was not planning on painting any cavalry but with the batch of Essex Greeks I got, they came with some cool extras, so I said why not. Besides I am listening to a few audio books that I want to listen to, so I just kept on basing and priming figures so that I can listen to all the books I want to listen to while I paint. Helps me paint faster. I figure it will take me a few weeks to paint them up, probably less. The problem is, when I start painting I don't like to stop....a somewhat good habit, but I paint to game...but its hard to game when all you do is paint. 

I also have some Black Tree Design Unarmored Greeks on the way as well, about 48. Probably going to buy some more cavalry from Aventine soon as well.  See what I mean, it doesn't stop. Before you know it I will have 400 Later Carthaginians from Aventine in front of me.

Part 1 

Part 2

A small update, fleshed and bronzed up everyone on my first batch. Working on the leather parts now. I think about another week and I will be on the clothing. Maybe 2 weeks and I will be done with this batch, after washing everyone.

Part 3

Here is another update. I have completed all the archers, except for 16 that I just got in the mail. Those are in the next batch. Anyways, I think they turned out good to my standards. I have not flocked them, but that all comes last after I finish the infantry. I am still working on the Greek infantry about 96 of them. I should have them done in a few days, then the flocking begins. Oh, I forgot the shields and decals, that is my last step...about another 2 weeks, because I am mowing my mothers grass next weekend...4 acres and that cuts in on my paint time. Darn it.

The guy front looks like he is wearing shades...but he is not...funny.

And yes these guys will get a washing as well....not brightie whities in my armies.

I mostly want orange tunics, but just to be more realistic, I add in a few different colored tunics. Keeps me from getting bored.  I do not know why but I am so attracted to burnt orange and white.
Part 4

Moving right along, putting the final colors on and painting plumes and some minor detail. Almost finished, but I have been side tracked for a few days, dealing with this and that. Starting again tonight, after gluing and basing some new Greek arrivals from Black Tree Design. I am looking to forward to painting some of my Essex Greek Cavalry next.

Washing is next, and then a good flocking....but then I do the shields...which takes a little time.

Part 5

Well, the Greeks are done, and now they are washed. Moving along now to the shields and the shield decals, this will take some time, cutting the decals out. Then eventually I would give them some flock and that is that. I am pretty happy with the result. I use Citadel washes, and the wash I used on them was Seraphim Sepia shade. It tones down the white and makes it look dirty and weathered, what I would think white would be eventually on a long campaign or from long use. But that is just me.

I use Little Big Men Studios Greek decals. I use the 28mm Greek decals that are made for Immortal Miniatures. This size fits the Essex shield perfectly, as well as it also fits the Black Tree Design shields too. 

Part 6

Finally finished the shields, and now starting to flock the bases, then I will glue on the shields...almost finished, should be done tomorrow..and then on to the next batch. I still have to prime the other Greeks I just got from Black Tree Design. 

My attempt at some Greek lettering.

I am excited, they are finally come together...turning out to my satisfaction.

I tried from some advice to paint my bases differently, I like them. I almost want to repaint all my bases now...hummmm.

The shields turned out "okay", I had some problems with clouding for a bit, but clear coated them and it seem to go away. I think maybe I had left the decals on too long before I watered them off. A dull coat helped them out. The other set of shields that are more shiny, turned out better, but need to be dull coated to match. I did my best with painting on Greek letters, I used my imagination, they turned out good enough for me. Keep in mind I am no professional. I still like the shields, they have that weathered look. I have seen some outstanding shields from others, but I am happy with the bronze look.

I finished finally, the pics are before the final matte coat, but I wanted to take the pics before spraying, because I want to move on to the next batch tonight. I think they turned out well, for my standards anyway. I do not consider myself a pro, just your average paint job. I am just trying to field this army against the overwhelming Macedonian army that is invading Carthage, in my current game. It took exactly 29 days to paint up these 164 foot.

The shields turned out good enough for me, a simple shield. Maybe not as pretty as some others I have seen, but they work for my tastes.

Macedonian archers

Greek Archers

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