Saturday, October 26, 2013

Paint Bench 28mm Greeks from Black Tree Design and Sgt Major Miniatures (Vendel) Finished!!!

Paint Time: 21 days

My unarmored Greeks from Black Tree Design arrived this week. I have cleaned them up and preparing them for priming. They are on the list to paint, probably be starting on them in a few weeks. Meanwhile I am still working on my Essex Greeks. I also have another batch of Vendel Greek archers to paint with this round.

Part 1

48 Black Tree Design unarmored Greeks IA1201.

I think I am going to paint these all with red tunic...or white...trying to decide.

With all Black Tree Greeks you have to drill out the hands before you can arm them up. I have a small hand drill that works great for this.

Armed up and ready to be primed.

The Northstar Spears I use work perfect, I probably have bought almost 500 or so so far to date.

Part 2

The unarmored Greeks are now primed and I will begin fleshing them out tonight. Hopefully I can finish them in a week or two. 

Black Tree Design Unarmored Greeks primed

Vendel aka Sgt Major miniatures primed.

Part 3

Fleshed out the Greeks, should have them done in about a week I think.

Red, White and Blue...for Veterans Day!!!

Part 4

The Greeks are now ready to be washed, and then flocked, but still there are the shields to work. Making progress slowly.

Oh, and the spears tips need to be painted.....forgot that.

Part 5 

Finished the final set of Greeks I plan on painting for awhile. They turned out ok, still have to dull coat them, they will look better after that. 

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