Friday, November 1, 2013

28mm City of Atrax 198 BC

Here is another ancient city that I have purchased from Philip Viverito of LMW Works. The City of Atrax in Thessaly in 198 BC during the Punic Wars. The Romans besieged the Macedonian occupied city but failed to take it, because the Macedonian phalanx held the breached wall section.  The Romans tried to get a siege tower up the ramps that were constructed to fire down at the phalanx, but the siege tower fell over and the breach failed.
Here are some photos of the model at Fall In 2002. The Siege of Atrax made by Phil won many awards at Historicon and Cold Wars. It was made in 2000 by Phil. I am the proud new owner of it. One can never have too many buildings and city walls. I am running out of table though.

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