Sunday, November 3, 2013

Paint Bench 28mm Greek Cavalry and Javelin from Essex Miniatures Finished!!!

Paint Time: 5 days 

Tonight I start this new batch of Essex Greek Cavalry and some Greek Javelin. I hope to finish these in about 3 weeks or so. The detail on them are good enough, still trying to figure out what colors to use on them. I may just stick with white tunics and bronze, changing out a red or blue tunic here and there. There are a few others that I am not sure exactly what they are but they look more Macedonian than Greek, but I am just calling them Greek for all practical purposes. I do not know the stock numbers on them. They came with the batch of Essex Greek Infantry as extras, and I decided to paint them up, what the hey! I forgot to add that some of the cavalrymen are on Old Glory horses, but they match to scale good with the Essex horses.

Part 1

Part 2

Painted almost 14 hours yesterday and half of today. Not much sleep. I am almost ready to start painting the horses. I decided to repaint some of the cavalry after a wash problem occurred.

These were all white and then washed, but I must have not shook the wash good enough and they turned out really bad, so I repainted them in different colors.

Part 3

Not the greatest detail on these cavalry figures, but they will do. Finished painting the horses and riders, but still need to flock the bases before gluing the riders on. The horses are a mix of Essex and Old Glory. They are not the best detail either. I like the infantry figures way more than I do the cavalry, but I was just curious what they look like painted up. I used some wash on them, but they look good from a distance, and that is all that really matters. Again, I am no pro, and I am in a hurry.

I probably should have added some more color to these guys, but then again...they are good enough.

Part 4

Finished finally, I decided to repaint some of the cavalry to make them more colorful. Again, not the best minis in the world, for detail. But I am happy with them. They were extras anyway. 

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