Thursday, June 27, 2013

28mm City of Troy

A few years ago Philip Viverito of LMW Works sold me this City of Troy in 28mm scale for the use with 28mm Trojan miniatures  It was used in a Geico commercial and at one time I had a link to the actual commercial. This City of Troy has been at various gaming conventions all over the country and seen by millions of gamers I am told. I was very proud to purchase it from him. Philip is a great modeler and a good friend as well, and a rock star in the gaming world. Something I wish I could be..but everyone has their place. I also own the City of Tyre that he built as well that I use my 28mm Macedonians. And in few weeks I will also own another great city that he built City of Carthage for use with 28mm Roman miniatures and 28mm Carthage miniatures. Along with that, I will also soon own Hadrian's Wall that Philip built as well as a Roman Marching Fortification camp. The Hadrian's Wall that he built is featured in Historical Miniature Gamer Magazine issue 6.

 The Trojan city is roughly about 10 feet by 5 feet.  Philip also is the publisher of the various Classical "Hack" war game rules. I used Homer Hack rules for this game. I game mostly Greek Mythology using my imagination and using ideas from the Wargods of Olympus and Wargods of Aegyptus rules.

The detail on the city is amazing.  It takes up a lot of storage space too. It has about 20 or more buildings that make up the city.

I played a game awhile back using some old 20mm Atlantic Greeks and Trojans that I had painted up. I currently painted and converted all of my Greek armies in 28mm scale, I still have these miniatures and they are great to game with.  But I have so many 20mm Atlantic Greeks and Trojans that it made the game really fun. I have now 28mm Trojans and 28mm Spartans to go with the city that took me awhile to paint. I use Crocodile Games 28mm Spartans and 28mm Trojans as well as 28mm Greeks from Black Tree Design.

I also used some old 20mm scale model ships made from Academy. The ships were marked 1/250th scale, but the correct scale is about 1/72 scale or close. I bought about 9 at once and mass produced them in about 3 weeks. The models now go for about $50 each. But I got all of mine for $10 each. I used to have sails on them, but I removed them all. They also work well with 28mm scale, if your not too picky. I plan on using this with the Wargods of Olympus rules. 

 The City of Troy at the Siege of Augusta in 2005
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