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Jousting Tournament At Couronne 993 IC (WHFB)

In the Year 15 (993 Imperial Calender)

The Knights of the Realm have gathered from all over Bretonnia to put on a display of their Equestrian skills and do daring deeds to prove who is Champion of The Realm. 

Couronne Tournament Field

Sir Malagant of Parravon's Pavilion

Sir Thomas challenging Sir Geoffrey to a drinking contest!! And your buying!!

Sir Geoffrey of Brionne walking out to see if the field is soft or hard. Just incase he takes a fall.

The following Knights are taking part of the Jousting Tournament. 

Baron Thegan of Couronne
Lord Haydon of Bastonne
Lord Louen Duke of Couroone
Sir Theodoric of Brionne
Sir Wilguric of Montfort
Sir Keefor of Long Locks
  Roland The Marshall of Lyonesse
Sir Hagen of Gisoreux
Sir Richard of Bordeleaux
Sir Thomas of Austray
Sir Geoffrey of Brionne
Sir Brocard of Couronne
Sir Baldemar of Bastonne
Sir Malagant of Parravon
Sir Philibert the Loon
Sir Adalhere Earl of Couronne
Sir Godun Victor of Drakkar
Sir Marcus of Ganelon
Sir Mitiri of Evroul
Sir Gareth of Harland

Sir Gawain Duke of Orkney could not make the joust, he was away on a quest in the Wastelands. 
Sir William of Whitehall horse became lame on the journey to Couronne and did not make it to the Tournament.

The Joust consists of 3 rounds of annihilation. The final 4th round is the to determine the Champion of Couronne. The prize is a new set of armor from the blacksmiths of Couronne and the grand purse of 5000 Billets. 

Let the games begin!!

Lords and Ladies!!! Have you come to see Knights doing daring deeds of Equestrian skills on horseback?? Have you come to see a Joust??? Well then I ask you to raise you raise your voices and give a hearty cheer to the Knights of the Realm!!!!

Each joust will consist of 3 passes. Scores will be kept for each Knight on each pass. If a knight becomes unhorsed during the match then he is out of the tournament and loses. If no knight is unhorsed, the knight with the highest score wins!!

Knights salute and take your ends!!

First Round of Jousting (10 jousts)

Sir Gareth vs Sir Hagen (Sir Gareth Unhorsed)

Sir Mitri vs Sir Wilguric

Sir Keefor vs Sir Geoffrey (Sir Geoffrey Unhorsed, he lost that drinking contest btw)

Sir Thomas vs Sir Baldemar (Sir Baldemar Unhorsed)

Sir Brocard vs Sir Richard of Bordeleaux (Sir Richard Unhorsed)

Sir Malagant (a distant relative of Sir William, btw)  vs Sir Adalhere

Sir Theodoric vs Duke Louen (Duke Louen Unhorsed, unbelievable,  too much to drink)

Duke Thegan vs Sir Marcus (Duke Thegan Unhorsed, who was out drinking with Duke Louen the night before, no doubt)

Lord Haydon vs Marshall Rolan

Sir Godun vs Sir Philibert

1st Round Winners

Second Round of Jousting (5 Jousts)

Sir Hagen vs Sir Mitri (Sir Mitri Unhorsed)

Sir Keefor vs Sir Thomas

Sir Brocard vs Sir Adalhere

Sir Theodoric vs Sir Marcus

Marshal Rolan vs Sir Godon Victor (Sir Godon Unhorsed)

2nd Round Winners

Third Round of Jousting (2 Jousts) Sir Marcus wins the coin toss and advances automatically to the final Round.

Sir Hagen vs Sir Thomas (Sir Hagen Unhorsed and carried of the field with broken lance in chest)

Sir Brocard vs Marshall Rolan (Marshall Rolan Unhorsed and then ran over by horse)

Third Round Winners 

Sir Thomas, Sir Marcus and Sir Brocard

Final Jousts of the Day

Sir Thomas vs Sir Brocard The Winner faces Sir Marcus for the Final Joust.

Champion Tournament Final Joust

Sir Thomas of Austray in the Colors of Green and Gold vs Sir Marcus in the Colors of Red and Gold. 

Knights Salute and to your ends. As the Knights raise their lances raise your voices and give them a loud and hearty cheer! Let the Joust Begin!

 Sir Thomas vs Sir Marcus for the Final Joust!!! (Sir Marcus is Unhorsed in the first pass, hits the ground so hard he breaks his neck and falls to his death)

Champion of Couronne

Sir Thomas of Austray
Champion of Couronne 

5000 Billets and a New Set of Coronne Armor

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