Saturday, October 18, 2014

The 2nd Battle of Cair Andros March 26th TA 3021 (War of the Ring)

Rohan and Gondor preparing to Charge the Mordor Orcs in retreat from Cair Andros

Orcs crossing the creek caught off guard by the arrival of Rohan and Gondorian Cavalry

Figures are 28mm Scotia  Grendel (old Harlequin LOTR line, BTD LOTR line) Terrain mat by MegaMat and the creek is by Wargamers Terrain. The trees are homemade. Structure by PMC Games. All miniatures painted by myself.

I got a new MegaMat in the mail this friday the grassy plains mat. It is like a giant mouse pad. I am very happy with the purchase. It is 4' x 6' and fits my table almost perfect. My coffee turned out to be almost 4' x 6', larger than I realized. 

My camera did not take very good photos, but my wives camera did, so the entire game is not recorded. However it turned out to be a draw, being that it was getting too late, and my 2 year old kept waking up, so we ended the battle. The Orcs got away. 

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