Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Paint Bench: Repainting Desert terrain to Osgilith or Gondor terrain

I decided to repaint some of my desert terrain buildings that I got from Art of War Terrain a few years back. I have some Osgilith ruins that Art of War Terrain made, and some of the desert buildings matched the Osgilith buildings, except they were desert colors. I simply repainted them both to match each other. 

I am planning a large epic sized battle of Osgilith and needed some more structures to go on the table. I bought some new stone works mats from Zuzzy Miniatures to go with the Osgilith layout, as well as other things such as dungeon terrain, castle floors, etc. 

Took me a few days, but I repainted them with some dark primer grey paint and then dry/wet brushed some white house trim paint on them to bring out the detail. They look outstanding now. I have a total of 24 buildings now. I also took a bridge and cut it in half for Osgilith. 

Desert buildings and Osgilith ruins with old paint jobs.

Starting the repaint, what they looked like before the new paint jobs.

I took one of the bridges and cut it in half for the destroyed bridge in Osgilith.

Half way done!!

 The color the terrain was before painting, also the osgilith ruins were a lighter grey color previously. I repainted them all to match. I left these buildings alone and kept them for my desert battles.

And Finished!!

Freshly new painted buildings in Gondolin, current game on my table.

I changed out the buildings on my Gondolin game, which match the terrain now.

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