Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Paint Bench: JR Miniature Sci Fi Space Station

I bought the remaining stock from JR Miniature of their Space Station of Sci Fi buildings a few years back. I think about 50 or so pieces. It cost me a pretty penny, but I got a 30% discount as well. Put me back about $1400.00 or so. Anyways, years later I finally painted them up. I decided to paint them up because I could not stand playing with them unpainted. Me and my wife now game Star Wars, so I thought I would paint them up for a cool game. Took me about 1 week or so. I started last week on my day off and finished them up tonight. They are not perfectly painted, but they will do for me. I painted them silver, then black, then primer grey. I then dry brushed them with a sage silver, and painted the floors with the sage silver. 

I also have a lot of interior parts that I painted also to go inside the rooms.

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