Friday, November 14, 2014

Paint Bench: Zuzzy Miniatures Gaming Mats (Stone Works Mat)

Just got my order in from Zuzzy Miniatures. I ordered {3} 2' x 4' Stone Works mats, {2} 2' x 2' Stone Works mats and {12} 14" x 17" Stone Works mats. I got these for my new Osgilith layout for Lord of the Rings battles, and castle flooring. I can use them also with my Dwarven Forge dungeon terrain as well. I am impressed with the product. I got my order in about 4 weeks or so. 
I highly recommend their product. I have heard some say their is a long wait time, which is true, but since I got smaller mats, my order was sent faster per conversation via Email. I had a perfect experience with my transaction with them. 

I will add some dry brush samples later, but I tested them out with some latex house paint, very thin dry brush, and it worked perfectly. That is what I will be doing the rest of the day.

A 4' x 2' section, right out of the box, no creases.

Very thin, maybe about 2mm thick or so, I am guessing.

Insulation provided for storage.

It says to store them with the insulation and keep them in the boxes provided and stored horizontally so that the mats will not wrinkle. I accidentally rolled them the wrong way, the rock side should be inward. They come with a roll to roll them up on.  

I dry brushed them all today. Here is a sample.

I used flat white house sealing paint, which is latex paint, water based paint. Worked great.

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