Monday, November 11, 2013

Paint Bench 28mm Dwarfs with crossbow from Sgt Major Miniatures (Vendel) Finished!!!

Paint time: 6 days

Here are some Dwarf Crossbow that I have on my paint bench that will be painted up soon. They are primed and ready. I will probably start these after the next batch of Greeks are done. 

Part 1

Part 2

Washed and fleshed out the Dwarf crossbow. The figures are from the old Vendel line, now Sgt Major Miniatures. I think these minis are very detailed. I have about 96 other Dwarf infantry on the shelf, so I decided to add some crossbow.

Part 3

Painting these on the side as I paint up some Greeks, I got the cross bows painted up, not much progress.

Part 4

Finally putting some color on them, before I wash them a 2nd time. 

Part 5

And the finale!! Finished them finally!

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