Monday, November 18, 2013

Paint Bench: 28mm Giant Troll by Darksword Miniatures Finished!!!

Paint time: 4 days

I picked this up on Ebay a few days ago. A very cool find. I think I paid about $25 for it. I was hoping it would be large. And I was right, it is totally assume. I have put a scale to it, and it is about 75mm tall from foot to top of its hump back. Pretty impressive, and heavy at that. I needed a large troll for my upcoming adventures. It was made by Darksword Miniatures in 2004. It is now on my paint list to do...probably after I paint dwarf crossbow, which I will show later. I will use it in my battles of Mithgar and Lord of the Rings battles.

Part 1

Comparison to a 28mm Essex Greek

Comparison to a Black Tree Design 28mm Halfling

Part 2

I finally started painting my troll, putting on his first layer of skin finally.

Part 3

Almost finished, another night of detail and washing and some more dry brushing.


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