Saturday, October 19, 2013

Paint Bench 28mm Halflings from Black Tree Design (Harlequin) Finished!!!

Paint time: 32 days

I decided to buy some Harlequin Halflings to add to my fantasy armies. Mostly so I can play some Mithgar battles in the Boskeydells in Mithgar. Anyways, got a great deal on ebay on a few. I painted them up in about 2 days, the pics are with the wash still drying so, they are a bit wet still. I have 24 more on the way. First time to paint halflings. They look a lot better in person, I got a little too close with the camera, plus the wash is still not dry. It was like painting 15mm again, but I think the detail on the figures are really good. I was going to take a pic of them just primed but I forgot. I will add some unpainted pics when the next batch comes in. I still need to flock and base these obviously. I was painting them on the side while I am painting my Greeks, for something different.

Part 1

The pic makes them look like crap because the wash is wet, but they really turned out better than these pics show, plus they are close up shots. I could give them eyes, but I am not much of a eye maker...except for horses. I can only do so much with my camera. Its funny one of them is drinking out of a mug and a few of them have pots on their heads for helms. Pretty funny batch. These halflings came from Harlequin under the Men of Averaign line. There are some halflings listed with them, listed as halfling scouts.

Eventually they will be joined by 24 more for a total of 40. I will have some battles in the Boskeydells one day. I can use all of my medieval buildings with them because they live in buildings not hobbit holes. Also I can use my skeleton cavalry ask Ghouls in the books called the Iron Tower trilogy by Dennis Mckiernan that I have been listening too. I know a lot of people do not like his books, but they get a lot better after the Iron Tower trilogy, especially Kraggen-Kor and Brega Path, my favorites, as well as Into the Forge and Into the Fire. His world gives me a chance to use my orc Horde in another world. I plan on making the Iron tower in a few weeks out of Styrofoam, at least the terrain for it, using my own castle parts.

Part 2

New Arrivals 
Three of 24 have arrived, Halfling Command from Harlequin of Black Tree Design

Part 3

Finished the first batch finally. They are all flocked and ready. Still waiting on 21 more to arrive.

Part 4

Finished the Command Halfling figures and added a flag, which I will probably do more work to. I also got the next batch of 21 halflings in from Black Tree today, and primed the up and fleshed. I am pretty much painting my halflings, Greeks and Dwarfs all at once to try to finish up faster. Everybody got fleshed tonight. 

The next batch of arrivals from Black Tree Design.

Part 5

Finally finished my Halfling army from Black Tree Design, they were fun to paint. I black lined them before washing. I think they turned out pretty good, being the first time I have painted Halflings. 

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